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1. How do I obtain the information to call the facility or home provider?
You may call the office at (313) 931-3966 during the hours of 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

2. Is there a set time for residents to receive phone calls?
Yes. There are set times to receive and make local phone calls with a limitation to the number of calls they can make.

3. Are there visiting hours for the facility?
Yes. The visiting hours are posted in each home.

4. Do you require that visitors be on the resident's visitors list?
No it is not required; however the resident will make the decision on visiting guest.

5. Can children of any age visit the residents of the facility?
There are no age limitations. Please be mindful of children.

6. How much personal belongings can accompany a resident at the facility?
Residents are encouraged to decorate their personal space with items that make them feel at home. Each resident has closet space available and a chest of drawers. Clothing maybe replaced with seasonal items.

7. Would a resident's health changes be monitored and documented?
Absolutely, all staff has certification and training in documentation.

8. What are the procedures for injury and or incidents?
If an injury or accident were to occur staff are trained in CPR and First Aid. Staff will attend to the issue, contact the appropriate person and submit paper work regarding the matter once the situation is under control.

9. Does the facility have safety and security measures posted?
These measures are posted and practiced by all staff, visitors and residents.

10. Will there be an additional cost for residents with specific dietary needs and will they be accommodated?
Accommodations will depend on the specific dietary needs of each resident.

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